Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My Style

People have asked me what my "style" is. Hmmm... My style is very much my own. Definitely not traditional, maybe a bit impressionistic, but not completely Modern either. When I think about it my painting style  actually mirrors my decorating style, and even the style I use to dress up. I like to be comfortable and though I like pretty things, never so pretty that you cannot relax into them . I want my paintings and my home and my clothes to make me and you comfortable too, maybe even make you smile. Sometimes I use bright colors and other times pastels and that usually is a reflection of my subject or my mood. I never want to be too predictable and rarely do I do the same thing twice. I am always trying on new styles, new colors. There is a room in my house that I have painted ten times in 6 years, I call it my "color therapy" room.

There are many many many artists and decorators and photographers out there who are "better", have more "technique". and experience or training , who can make something look more "realistic" and who can decorate with more sopistication. I am not in competition with them. I only compete with myself. I learn from my mistakes and I take big chances. My style is me! And there  is only ONE ME!

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