Thursday, September 23, 2010

How Fast Can You Paint?

I tend not to multi-task well. I do it. It is my life, but something always suffers, gets pushed to the back of the line. Cooking, in fact has been permanently pushed to the back of the line, but that's another blog.

So, three days ago, I got an email, letting me know that I was chosen from over 130 applicants to show my work at an awesome venue called Mudhouse, which is in downtown Charlottesville. they felt that my brightly colored cows and farm animals would be the perfect remedy for our dreary February weather blues, when nothing is really happening. I am thrilled, and so while I was day dreaming about what to paint...I got another email.
This one was from "Art on the Avenue" in Alexandria VA, Delray, to be exact. It is an annual event, of artisans from all over, a "juried" event, which means I guess that not every Joe shmoe can participate. I applied in the summer, and assumed,  because I did not hear back and in fact saw on their website that all spots were taken, I assumed it was a no go. Except is NOW a Go-Go! I am in, and it is in ...lets count...9 days!HOLY PAINT BURUSH! I want to have about 40 paintings, at least, I have about 15, do the gives me cramp. so I ran out, got my supplies, got the kids rides everywhere for the next week, and I am in a painting frenzy. (To tell you the truth, this is very close to heaven for me, except the having to ignore my kids part) I have finish 3 so far...on 8" x 8" canvases...check them out. I will post the new ones every day. I promise. And if you are in the DC area, please come visit, and if you mention my bog, I will give you a discount!

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  1. Best of luck with your shows! I wish I lived in your area and could come see them. I'm looking forward to seeing your newest paintings. I have had such fun reading your blogs and seeing your work, kids, etc!