Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Fair Weather

     I guess, I am officially a Fair Weather blogger. I paint, then I don't blog, I blog I can't get around to painting , I paint, I don't clean, or cook. well...I never really cook. Funny, I have never been very good at doing more than one thing at a time, and yet, that is the story of my life. Name the last time, you did ONE thing at a time! I mean, seriously!
     Anyway, my internet was out this a.m., probably because we are going to get a big snow storm, so I dropped off the kids and headed over to my FAVE coffee shop, called the Mudhouse.  I love this place. It is the quintessential coffee spot. It is perfect. Great coffee. Big fat leather chairs. Great music and homemade gingerbread people. But as I was sitting here, checking my email, I looked up and this is what I saw; a room full of people. sitting alone at tables, looking into the eyes of their laptops, faces solemn and concentrating on the details of their affections. It made me sad.  It made me miss the good old days.

     When the kids were little and I would get rare one on one time with them, I LOVED to take them to the coffee shop. It was an absolute treat. We got out of the house. Mommy got coffee, which I could never get enough of and they got ME all to themselves!! It was a win-win. They would sit across from me, my little dates, heads barely grazing the table tops, chomping on giant cookies and drinking juice boxes or spilling hot chocolate and I would look around the room and just smile. It was such a happy time. There would be college students buried in books, and girlfriends: welling up, listening as  dramas unfolded,  told to them by their friends. Young lovers would come in and look all tumbled out of bed and lusty and almost naked still, just twirled around each other waiting to order, "I don't know just get me what you're getting...". there would be an occasional person on a date with their computer, but they were in the minority, for sure. Occasionally they would look up at all of us, especially me with a toddler, and say with their rolling eyes; "could you take it elsewhere?! But we, those with human companions far outnumbered their  electronic ones and thus we stayed. And this was not in the dark ages, this was a mere 6 years ago! Things have changed drastically. Dramatically. And I am right there in the middle of it. Part of the change. part of the problem. Maybe not. But here I am, Blogging from my table. Looking at my screen, not catching up with a friend. And that friend is probably updating her Facebook!

I am not, nor have I ever been one to say, "ah those were the days". but maybe I will start now. In honor of my husbands' 96 Year old Grandmother, "Gram" who passed away, one week ago, after a long vibrant life, that included NO visits to the Dr. except to have a baby 65 years ago! Ah, Gram, those were the days.

OH! P.S.
check it out. My show opens at Mudhouse on Febr 4. and will hang the entire month of February.

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