Friday, February 4, 2011


     My 12 year old daughter asked me to print something for her. She is trying out for the School yearbook and was required to write a story about someone. As I was printing, I read the article and cried. She will never cease to amaze me. So here is her article - about me!

Glancing at the faded light of the microwave clock, 52 year old Lesli DeVito, realizes that she has no time to waste. In her frantic state, she bumps into the coffee table, knocking over a small jar of blue paint. “Great,” she thinks to herself, “another setback.” Lesli multi-tasks constantly, between art and her full time career as a mother, life can
be the most stressful job there is. “I was five,” Lesli quickly recalls, “when I knew I wanted to have a job that required me to create. Ever since I could first pick up a crayon, I just knew I wanted to be an artist.” Despite her artistic gift, she never in a million years that she would have multiple shows and currently have a month-long showing of her paintings in Mud House. “It is a dream come true.” says Lesli, on the way to hang her art in the local coffee shop. “But I cannot even express to you the weight that will be lifted from my chest when this show is up and running.”
Lesli’s impressive depictions are mainly of cows, horses, and other well-known farm animals. “I first decided to paint cows when I was at a friend’s house, and in seeing the wonderful art all over her house, I was amazed and inspired.” But it was not until she saw the beautiful cow painting that she thought to herself “I could probably do that.” and so, having a very determined personality, she decided to try. In seeing the results, Lesli realized maybe she did have what it takes. “Kalopsia”, a noun, meaning “The state of being, or condition, in which things appear more beautiful than they really are,” is the name of her most recent show. With this title she is trying to show to the audience that while a cow grazing or a pig resting in mud may not seem a pretty sight, but in looking deeper, she found a beauty in them that others may not always see, and that was one of her main goals in showing her artwork to others. Soon after, she had taken this inspiration from an experiment to a career and look where she is now! And for Lesli, it is turn left for a dream come true on the long road of life. 

By Phoebe Holiday DeVito

"Sweet William"

Kalopsia opens tonight!

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  1. Lesli, I'm not sure whether I am more impressed with your beautiful paintings or your charming daughter. Okay, it's your daughter. :). I do love your paintings though. I'll be sure to tell my brothers in Cville to visit. My older brother is great friends with John and Lanelle (the owners). Beautiful work! Our best to you and yours. Mike and Jenny Burke (Darden 94)