Friday, March 25, 2011

"Two Phoebes?"

   When my daughter Phoebe was about 3, we had her sing a song on the voicemail. Yes, I know, obnoxious, but at the time, it was adorable. It was right after 9/11 and she sang "God Bless America". only it was more like "God Bwess Amewica..." Anyway, one day, we put the phone to her ear and let her listen to herself, singing. She listened very attentively, and then her face screwed up in a tiny question mark and she looked up at us and said "Huh? Two Phoebe's?"

It was priceless. Absolutely a moment I will never forget.

 My favorite painting and one which I have done over and over again, was originally named "Emma". I have done 5 versions of this painting and hope to do 50 more. In honor of my Phoebe, here they are :






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