Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My Rainbow Donkey

     Often, when I complete a painting, and I am in between shows, I have the JOY of being able to hang the painting in my home. When the shows are hung, my walls once again become barren and plain (well I perhaps am exaggerating a tad) but they feel plain to me.
     This particular painting was purchased by an adorable young lady in Alexandria last fall. She lived near the site of the show and kept running home to see how it would look, and finally decided to take
him home.
I miss my Rainbow Donkey. Who would not want a rainbow in their home? I Might need to paint him again.

Thought: I need to find a way to tap into Rosie Popes Nursery crowd. I genuinely think her clientele would LOVE my paintings!
happy days!

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