Saturday, June 18, 2011

Artists that inspire me...

here is a new feature of 
Lesli DeVito Paintings...
artists who make me need to sit down, 
or stand up, 
or make me weak or cry 
or laugh my head off...
...and my first 
favorite "ARTIST" is:

 Kelly Reemsten

oh how I wish 
I could spend a day...

"Aqua" 2010   Oil on Panel

"Pieces Of You" 2010 Oil on Panel

a week ....
"Always Putting Out Fires" 2010 Oil on Panel

or a month ...

"Scissor Sister" 2009 Oil On Panel

...just painting or drinking coffee....

"Short Leash" 2010 Oil on Panel

....side by side... with Kelly Reemsten

"Spic 'n' Span" 2010 Oil on Panel

with Kelly Reemsten.... 
I don't think many words are necessary 
She "knows" me
I     L-O-V-E   H-E-R

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