Thursday, July 14, 2011


   ANYone that knows me knows that I love kids...always have , always will. They say it like it is...if you are funny, they laugh if you are not...they don't. NO BS with kids. I would trade a thousand cocktail parties for a day teaching ART to kids.

something happens to most of between being a kid and being a grown up...and well, we lose ourselves in the process of becoming more mature. I am not talking about those people who we all know who NEVER grow up and cannot be responsible, Peter Pan complex guys and Wendy girls, but there is an honestly with kids that I find so refreshing. Ask any teacher, and they will tell you...the hardest thing about teaching the grownups! Hey, I am one of them, and I shudder to think of the stupid things I have done, said, been especially in the name of "being a good parent" and especially of my Firstborn who has the burden of me learning everything I do as a parent via my mistakes (and successes) with him.

    But back to kids and specifically back to CAMP. The CAMP was an idea, one I have brewed for years, given air time, and then shelved for a million reasons. But this year, I decided to just go for it. What is the worst that could happen... I fall flat on my face? I know kids and I know that even if I did fall on my face, that they would gather around, pull me up by all of my extremities and say "thats okay, lets try again!" and then they would say ""do you have any food?"

    I have spent this week in a kind of heaven of sorts, with some of the things I love, ART, Drama and Photography...all rolled into one surprisingly organized party...and when I have stumbled they have helped me up. Their art ranges from adorable to frighteningly brilliant and I can tell you that some of them are 1000 times more talented than I was at 8 or will ever be. It is a joy to watch it as it is unfolding, and it is all so...well PURE. That's what it is PURE.

   So Rock on ART CAMP 2011...I think this is the beginning of something really BIG!!!

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