Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Installation Number ONE!

Lesli Devito Paintings:

     One of my Best friends sent me a photo of one of these cows. I had to look it up. They are called "Highland" cattle. The lingo used to describe them is new to me. Words like "folds" and "Drovers". "There are over 80 folds in 18 countries around the world".  I mainly just think they are absolutely adorable. I have been told that my paintings are "whimsical". These cows from the get go are overflowing with personality, I mean, can you look at them and NOT smile? My work is made easy!  I think I may do a series, but for now, this one is dedicated to Emily and is entitled:
"HOMER" and he is 20"  W x 24" H.  Colors used are yellows, white, browns, and pinks, with some touches of periwinkle.

for more information on Highland Cattle, this site is a good start:

Like all of my paintings, He is painted on 100% cotton canvas with LOW or NO VOC water based paint.  But don't hold me to this as I intend to move to oils after my next private show at Sustain, Inc., on April 29.

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