Wednesday, April 14, 2010


My son Cooper changes his favorite color, frequently. For the last month it was Green. This week, his favorite color is "Aqua". Coincidentally, that has been my favorite color for at least a year now.  Aqua reminds me of only good, very  naturally beautiful things; the sky,  the sea, the ocean water off the side of a boat in the Florida Keys; water so clear you can see schools of brightly colored fish  just swimming along' doing their little fish life. Beautiful eyes. I love aqua. So it should come as little surprise that I use this color for my backgrounds, frequently.

This baby calf came right over to me , standing at the fench, nosy as ever, and put it's face right into my camera. I painted her last year and gave the painting to my cousin Vicki for her birthday. We visited Vicki  in D.C. over Spring Break and I saw the painting in her  kitchen and I thought, "I HAVE to paint this baby again!" So I did! Next time, probably next week, I am going to paint her on a 30" X 40"

Title: MAGGIE 20" H X 24" W , latex on 100% cotton canvas,
Colors: black, grey, aqua, brown, white and pink.

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  1. These are wonderful pieces Lesli. They have the charm of folk art with the sophistication of color and placement. I love them. Keep painting!