Monday, October 4, 2010

Art On The Avenue

I did it! I did Art on the Avenue. I had a fantastic time and I also sold my paintings to so many wonderful people! My cows and my pigs and sheep and goats and owls and horses all have new homes. Many a Mommy or daddy were led into my booth by their toddlers, necks craned to see the giant pink horse and rainbow donkey. I am awe inspired when I think that something that I created from my own soul, now hangs on the wall of someone I only just met. Above a little girls bed. Near newborn Benjamin's cradle and in Coopers bathroom. Orange! I know that this is all in a days work but I believe that my work is complete and total joy. I am in fact a bit misty today, missing my paintings but like puppies from a litter, but like my Mom always said "we cannot keep them all, they need better homes that can give them all the love they deserve."
I asked each and every recipient of my paintings to please send me a photo of my art work in their home and I sincerely home that they do just that. I can't wait to see where they go and how they look in their new homes.

I had many people ask me about custom portraits and I hope I hear from them. I would love to do portraits of their beloved pets, silhouettes of their children. So please, ask away, inquire all day and lets get this ball rolling!
Thanks to all who made it such a success, and especially to my family who pretended like I was not at home for the week preceding the event, so I could make my magic happen. Thanks to my cousin Vicki for cheering me on, even if she did not feed me! (LOL)

Love to all!

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  1. you didnt like the blueberry muffin or the brussels cookies...or the diet cokes...ok next year we need to be more strategic about the set up, the cooler of food, also who will your asst be as i will be shopping and corraling friends to shop and also maybe doing another cookout? or maybe not...maybe i will do a cookout every other year. you know my strategic thinking is already kicking in and i am thinking about how we will be new and improved. maybe next year phoebe will be your assistant but we will all help with the set up, and then afterwards we will...oh i am getting ahead of myself.