Monday, July 25, 2011

landscape painting

...the home owner behind and around us.. who owns hundred of acres, commissioned me to do a landscape portrait of his incredible property. This gorgeous slice of Virginia Real Estate is HUGE and includes a vineyard, horses, cows and 2 Vintage restored silver stream trailers in an elaborate pavilion and the biggest Cistern, I think,  in the world. My challenge was to paint a painting in my light hearted style, and incorporate everything in a semi realistic way, giving them a traditional-ish landscape portrait to reference this property form their full time Texas.

   So here goes...

I cheated a bit ,to get it all in but all in all...I think I answered his request and I personally love the painting. Will I become a landscape painter, not right now, but it was a fun task and I can't wait to give it to him in person next month!

We are OFF to the BIg Apple tomorrow! 

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